Great taste is our top priority, but we believe flavor is enhanced by giving back to our community and the environment.

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We all deserve to eat well. People who strive to eat wholesome, healthy, locally-sourced, farm-fresh foods love our products. We’re also a convenient source of nutritious, local produce which is especially beneficial for the one in six people in our communities who are food insecure. In order to impact real change, 20% of our profits are donated to the SF Marin food bank who is pioneering ending hunger in our communities.
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An astonishing 30-40% of all fruits and veggies are discarded annually in the U.S. due to changing demand or slight imperfections.* The land, water, energy, and labor that goes into producing food that ends up in landfill is responsible for at least 2.6% of greenhouse gas emissions.* At Little Radish, we’re taking a bite out of food waste™ and hunger. We partner with local farms, giving them a financial incentive to sell their unused harvest at its peak freshness, because taste is what matters, not the shape of the ingredients.