Little Radish is all about tasty, nutritious, kid-friendly fare.

Little Radish is all about tasty, nutritious, kid-friendly fare. 

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We believe in…

Yummy and Healthy Food

We prepare delicious lunches with a focus on local, organic and seasonal ingredients.

Consistency and Routine

Kids love routines so we create a seasonally rotating menu that is updated monthly, not weekly.

Giving Back

We donate 5% of our profits to local organizations addressing childhood hunger.

The Earth

We want a green planet for our children, so all of our packaging and utensils are compostable.

As a mother of an active and opinionated preschooler,

I’m all too familiar with the demands of mealtime. But with a little creativity and use of my culinary background, I created healthy and tasty meals that children love. Little Radish offers a rotating menu of delicious and nutritious lunches, focusing on as many seasonal, organic and local options as possible. Little Radish is here to prove that fresh and wholesome food is also the tastiest food, growing positive habits from childhood into adulthood. My hope is to help busy parents raise healthy, responsible and curious eaters.

Little Radish Founder