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Knowing where our food comes from creates a tangible connection.

At Little Radish, we visit our growers regularly, speaking with farmers, walking their soil and tasting their fresh harvest. These interactions inspire new ways to address food waste and hunger. Our farm partners are vital to our environmental mission, because change starts in the field. Instead of going to compost or landfill, we offer fair prices for seasonal crops that don't quite make the retail cut due to shifting needs or imperfect shape. Together, with our farmers, we're reducing waste and addressing community hunger.


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Blue Belle Farm, owned by renowned Michelin Star Chef, Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn, is located in Sonoma, California and has been operating since 2017. With the desire to control ingredient quality for Crenn Group Restaurants, they grow unique items such as Mara du Bois strawberries, which are hard to find through other producers. They utilize biodynamic principles and encourage a symbiotic relationship between their crops and the plants around them.

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Owned by William Henpenn, Kicking Bull Farms has been producing rare produce like celtuce and turnip rabs since 2015. They’re located in Carneros, California and are named after the bull sculpture situated on their Donum Estate Wines property. They are a biodynamic farm that focuses on the whole picture – from soil balance to the land impact for future generations. Kicking Bull serves many of San Francisco’s award-winning restaurants including Quince, Saison, Angler and Mourad.


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A family affair, Acosta & Sons is owned by 3rd generation almond, walnut and chestnut farmers. They focus on innovative farming techniques while minimizing environmental impact. Many of their almond trees are self-pollinating. They use drip irrigation, micro sprinkling systems and solar power. They use the whole nut – hulls are used for cow feed and their husks are recycled as mulch and livestock bedding. They’ve even invented the Theresa Almond Tree, which produced a heart shaped nut and is named after one of their wives.